It is ironical that the TNA believes that Tamils who have offended would under Yahapalanaya get to breeze into Sri Lanka and breeze out.

p06-130828-a1Sri Lankans want Sri Lanka to be safe. Not a walk in the park for terrorists, supporters, funders, and workers. Tamils coming from Middle East must be screened as many of them are on the Redcross Missing persons list – and they are not missing at all but minting money and holidaying in Sri Lanka!
It is ironical that the TNA believes that Tamils who have offended would under Yahapalanaya get to breeze into Sri Lanka and breeze out.
In case MP P Ariyanethram did not know – Terrorists will be arrested. Those who aid and abet terrorism will be arrested and questioned and punished. This is NOT TAMIL NADU which is a law unto themselves.
​Please go and try living in another country and doing what you do and see how you end up in jail for giving a penny to a terrorist group, let alone fatten yourself with their funds and party and enjoy free airline tickets from terrorist blood money!​
Taking in to custody still continues at the Katunayake airport


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air port

 Former LTTE carders who come from the Middle East following employment still be taken into custody from the airport TNA emphasize.

According to our statistics 18 such people has been taken in to custody for the last five months. Two people has been released said Batticaloa District TNA Parliament MP P. Ariyanethram.

The MP further said “There are people who joined LTTE voluntarily and involuntarily, later they voluntarily got out to get married and lived a normal life. They went to the Middle East due to hardships. There are people who has come for holidays and gone during the former president’s period among the people who were arrested”

A complaint
MP Ariyanethram said yesterday a relative complained to him that a person named Kandapodi Thawarajah a 36 year old father of two kids was taken into custody in the Katunayake Airport.

 When we inquired from his wife Sasikala Thawarajah she said she complained to the Human Rights Commission on Thursday.

Describing what happened she said “My husband has arrived at the Katunayake airport at 1.30. My brother has gone to receive him. Around 5P my brother got a call and said this call is from the TID (Terrorist Investigative Department). They said they are taking him for questioning. They told us to come and take his goods”

Name list
MP Ariyanethram said that they have spoken about these arrests in the parliament. He said he has given a list of names of the people who got arrested to Minister John Amarathunga at his request.

When we inquired about this from the Police media spokesperson Ruwan Gunasekara he said that he would inquire about these if there is any information of such arrests.


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