Tamils killed by Prabakaran & LTTE – Are Tamils mourning or celebrating these deaths?

So LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamil people? Can those who say so explain why LTTE and its leader have killed the following Tamil people? If the LTTE, … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka fell into the trap in 2015 January – Libya had the back bone to resist!

Sri Lanka has always had traitors that supported foreign influence to get a foot hold on the island. It happened during the British and and its still happening with the … Continue reading

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New Criminal Court to try Anglo-Europeans for crimes against humanity & UN complicity

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said it was high time Africa set up a criminal court which would seek justice for “serious” war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the … Continue reading

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ICTY takes 14 years to declare Milosevic did not commit War Crimes – validates why Sri Lanka must refuse any War Crimes Tribunals

The Western MEDIA HYPE to kill Milosevic was at an Apex. Where did the MEDIA hype go when Milosevic was cleared of war crimes? Is the Western MEDIA only interested … Continue reading

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“Missing Dead” found alive: Is Ekneligoda’s story another Kathiravel Thayaparaja who is very much alive

One Kathiravel Thayapararaja was said to have been tortured and killed by the Sri Lankan Security forces on 13th September 2009. The first to publicize the ‘death’ was a pro-LTTE … Continue reading

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The Joseph Gobbels strategy being used by Tamil separatists to steal a Nation! Who has bought the story? Who is helping? And why?

Present case for a Sinhaladeepa Homeland: Time world hears the Sinhalese version  The Sinhalese need to wake up to some realities. For 30 years false propaganda won the day. Lies … Continue reading

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Is Prageeth Ekneligoda a Journalist?

Sri Lankan Army Military Intelligence The OHCHR/UNHRC Head have used successive resolutions/reports and statements to claim that one Prageeth Ekneligoda a journalist and cartoonist had disappeared. A joint submission by … Continue reading

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