Is Sri Lanka a sovereign state or turning into a neo-colonial one?

We should celebrate independence only if we function as an independent nation. There is little point throwing tamashas to celebrate independence if we are taking orders from foreign nations or running to them before making decisions or have to get their nod of approval to run the affairs of the country. We need to seriously ask whether we are today a sovereign state. In self-forfeiting our sovereignty, the nation has landed itself in a virtual soup of irreversible mess.

 That Sri Lanka is fast turning into a banana republic is quite clear. That plan has been materializing for a long time by foreign governments, organizations on their payroll and locals tapped into do the legwork. Thus, from media, editors, lawyers, unions, fringe groups, students, to even politicians and professionals had been tapped to be their virtual spokespersons. Protests are stage managed to create the seeds of dissent in preparedness to force any government that do not tow the line to fall. Thus the new constitution is obviously been drafted to facilitate the plans of all foreign agendas. Partnership agreements is nothing but agreeing to enforce the foreign plan while personally looking after those agreeing. There is no country to country partnership agreement. The calls for demilitarization, bogus allegations against Sri Lankan forces, return of lands to people who never even owned lands, building houses for illegal immigrants, deforestation and creating mono-ethnic enclave where training trouble starts were all part of a larger plan.

 US, UK and India where corruption is happening big time is coming to end corruption in Sri Lanka….we are going round the world telling we are corrupt to people who are masters of corruption…amazing

 Who is governing Sri Lanka? US, UK or India. This is what happens when a country’s leaders with allegiance to aliens ends up taking orders from aliens

 EU to help accountability

Why are foreigners so concerned about what should be inside our constitution?

  • India to assist building Sri Lanka’s coastguards .. now here’s a good one. We have Indians poaching on our waters, stealing our fish and refusing to stop the theft as well as destruction of our marine base using internationally banned bottom trawlers and India is ensuring that our coastguards turn the other side while the Indian fishermen do so
  • Enveloping Sri Lanka culturally & through religion. In case many are not aware US government funds go to faith-based organizations working to US government agenda. So much for the future of Buddhism in Sri Lanka under the guise of helping.
  • Direct UN assistance only to the North – another violation



    In taking a look at all the spheres of influence key foreign nations are encircling Sri Lanka it is not difficult to conclude that we are slowly but surely turning into a neo-colonial state, a virtual vassal that will forfeit our lands, dignity, culture, history to eventually destroy a great religion and philosophy that has been a target for destruction ever since the arrival of the colonial invaders.





    Shenali D Waduge




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