New Criminal Court to try Anglo-Europeans for crimes against humanity & UN complicity


Zimababwe’s President Robert Mugabe chants Zanu PF slogans with supporters gathered at the Harare International Conference Centre in Harare, Wednesday May 3, 2000. Mugabe launched the Zanu PF’s election manifesto which bears the slogan “Land is the Economy and the Economy is Land”. (AP Photo/Christine Nesbitt)

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said it was high time Africa set up a criminal court which would seek justice for “serious” war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the West, particularity during the colonial era. International Criminal Court was a court for Western countries he says. How true no Western nation or leaders have been indicted for any crimes. The Yellow man, Brown man & the Black man must now get together to demand justice for over 500 years of injustices to them from white racism and discrimination. Truth Commissions must be established by the victims and the victim nations not the accolades of the white man. UN & ICC have shown by their actions they are unfit to represent all humans and all nations. A victims court by victim nations is required.

 Colonial Crimes from 15th – 20th century

The crimes committed by the white race in the Americas, Africa & Asia are horrendous. None of these have even been taken up for accountability, apology and reparations. How can over 500 years of systematic policies to exterminate and annihilate the natives, forcibly taking over their lands and then bringing in laws to further consolidate their illegal acquisition not be on trial. Nations of the West have become what they are because of the plunder and theft of the resources and treasures of these countries.

 Let us not forget that the Abrahamic religions began their Crusades in 1095 and since it has been a competition between them to acquire and take over lands.

§  “Age of Discovery” orders by the Church to invade, take over, plunder and convert all non-Christian nations/territories using crime of Terra Nullius

§  First explorations – Bartolomeu Dias to Africa (14988), Vasco da Gama to India (1498), Christopher Columbus to South America (1492)

§  Illegal Treaties that divided the worldbetween the white races – Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 which divided lands to the east belonging to Portugal and the lands to the west belonging to Spain. Americas and the Pacific Ocean Spain colonized. Africa and most of Asia in Indian Ocean was colonized by Portugal. Treaty of Zaragoza in 1529 further defined areas between Spain and Portugal (without so much as consent of the people living in these lands)After Spain and Portugal, Britain, France and the Netherlands began the next wave of colonialism. The last wave was the Scramble for Africa following the Berlin Conference in 1884-1885.

§  Colonialism is linked to capitalism(Gilmartin) first acquiring revenue for feudalism, then to develop manufacturing industry in Europe and finally to create new markets for further profit.

§  Genocide of indigenous peoples (mass destruction of entire communities/tribes or races of indigenous peoples) Bartolomé de las Casas in his A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies and Historia de Las Indias, chronicles the atrocities committed by the colonizers against the indigenous peoples. The Taino genocide(1492-1518) is where the Spanish wiped out most of the Tainos (Arawaks), the native people of the northern Caribbean (present-day Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, etc). Columbus himself set it in motion and oversaw it till 1500.

§  Depopulation from disease – During the French and Indian War, Jeffery Amherst, Britain’s commander in chief in North America suggested using smallpox to wipe out their Native American enemy. Smallpox-infested blankets were intentionally given to Native Americans in 1763 at the Siege of Fort Pitt. John S. Milloy published evidence indicating that colonialists had intentionally concealed information on the spread of disease in his bookA National Crime: The Canadian Government and the Residential School System

§  Settler colonialism – transporting people from one continent to the other as part of divide and rule policies. Creation of mass immigrant communities resulted in franchise and citizenship issues at time of decolonization. Indians taken to work on colonial plantations/as slaves,  were transported to all corners of the world and constitute ‘immigrant’ populations in these countries (Central America, South Africa & Parts of Africa & Asia)

§  Exploitation – to extract resources they established authoritarian regimes working under their orders. King Leopold II of Belgium in the Congo Basin is an example of extreme exploitation.

§  Indirect rule – creation of indigenous sepoys of servitude to white race done through denationalization programs using missionary education system.

§  Reorganization of borderspartitioned land masses and created borders. Britain and France traced almost 40% of the entire length of today’s international boundaries. The Berlin Conference of 1884 allowed the arbitrary construction of sovereign borders in a territory where they had never previously existed. Borders were artificially created that did not conform to “typical demographic, ethnographic, and topographic boundaries.” (Jeffrey Herbst) This led to large scale issues, like the division of ethnic groups; and small scale issues, such as families’ homes being separated from their farms. The injustice of these colonial partitions need to be addressed

§  Land – prior to colonial occupation land was not private property (Mahmood Mamdani), land was a communal resource for all to enjoy. Land abuse started with colonial occupiers (Trail of Tears, relocations of Native Americans following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, apartheid system in South Africa). Natives were driven off their lands and these lands were given to private ownership. “frenzy for native land” was due to economic immigrants that belonged to the ranks of Europe’s landless (Patrick Wolfe) lands were confiscated, people and their livelihoods destroyed and in place plantations started with natives used as forced labor.

§  Labour Exploitation – slavery was combined with racism, superiority and inhuman treatment. Colonizers left every continent and nation they occupied under-developed and carrying a legacy of issues they are still clueless to resolve because of the lackeys that the whites have placed in governance to continue pseudo-colonial rule. Any leader challenging status quo is certain to be eliminated or cornered. In 1619 the first African slaves arrived to Jameston, USA.

§  Societal problems – ethnic identities: colonized are eternally asking themselves ‘who am I’ because colonials have dehumanized natives. Rwanda genocide 1994 Hutus of Rwanda turned on their Tutsi neighbors and slaughtered between 500,000 to 800,000 people in just 100 days. It was the Europeans who distributed power along racial lines making Tutsi minority superior supported by the colonials while majority Hutus were suppressed. When Hutus gained government the tensions created by the colonials unfolded. The colonials created majority-minority groups and then masterminded issues to keep them at loggerheads.

§  Cultural colonization & imperialism – denationalizing ancient histories, cultures and traditions through policies and education system and re-writing history according to what suits the white race and creating groups of natives hero-worshipping the colonial white race and desiring to be their loyal lapdogs for perks, privileges and career progress.

 Illegal interventions and crimes since 1945 where creating conflicts became a means to wield political power and enabled profit-making arms industry that would sell weapons to both sides and continue conflicts by creating a steady flow of combatants and leaders against democratically elected governments. These covert-overt practices and illegalities have never been taken to account in accusing western-media demonized ‘dictators’ who were originally created by the West and used to advance Western agendas.

Western governments & their intelligence

·        Divided Korea and is using South Korea as a base

·        Removed democratically elected leader of Iran Mossadag and replacing him with Shah in 1953

·        Deposed Guatemalan leader Arbenz and installed dictator Castillo

·        Armed an insurgency in Tibet

·        Sponsored failed revolt against Indonesian President Sukarno in 1958

·        Eisenhower Doctrine meant US troops sent to Lebanon

·        Attempt to depose Cuban leader Castro in 1959 through Bay of Pigs invasion.

·        Assassination of Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba

·        Vietnam War illegal (1965-73) installing murderer Ngo Dinh Diem and thereafter assassinating him.

·        West funds murders of Khmer Rouge and dictator Pol Pot

·        1969 bombing of Cambodia (Operation Menu) 1969-70. Declassified documents released in 2000 detail US bombing in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

·        ‘Constitutional coup’ to prevent Chile’s Allende becoming President 1970 and installing dictator Pinochet.

·        Arming and training dissidents across the world – Afghan mujahideen against Soviet Union (Operation Cyclone)/Reagan Doctrine 1979.

·        Supporting UNITA movement in Angola, Solidarity movement in Poland, Contras in Nicaragua,

·        Supporting Saddam Hussein during Iraq-Iran war

·        Repeated interventions in El Salvador,

·        Invasion of Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury)

·        1986 bombing of Libya

·        Invasion of Panama in 1989 (Operation Just Cause) to depose Noriega

·        Intervention in Kuwait to remove Iraqi forces (though Saddam Hussein believes US wanted him to invade Kuwait) – Gulf War 1991

·        1990 intervention in Somalia using UN as puppet to set up mission

·        Ordering airstrikes that led to controversial Dayton Agreement and eventual balkanization of Yugoslavia.

·        Creating global terrorist menace – Al Qaeda and a plethora of sub-groups now calling jihads all over the world

·        Ordering missile strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan. Targeting of civilian infrastructure, killing of civilian lives, extraordinary renditions, detainee torture and denial of legal counsel or even whereabouts of their imprisonment – are only documented and no legal action against the nations taken

·        Use of chemical weapons – no accountability for using atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and thereafter the use of internationally banned chemical weapons/bombs used in all of the military interventions since 1945.

·        Introducing concept of R2P in order to militarily intervene in nations using ‘humanitarian’ card and thereafter setting up military bases (Kosovo independence to create NATO base) to attack other nations while UN looks on or indirectly facilitates these interventions. The lies that led to Milosevic’s arrest and death, the fabrications of genocide by Western nations and media and the UN’s connivances clearly exposes this following the ICC now claiming Milosevic did not commit war crimes

·        Controversy behind 9/11 with allegations of inside job involvement however enabled the attack on both Iraq and Afghanistan though all hijackers were Saudi. US/NATO has been occupying Afghanistan since 2001.

·        Illegal military intervention of Iraq in 2003, bombing civilian infrastructure, destroying ancient heritage (Cultural genocide), and then arming insurgents that has given coalition forces the excuse to remain in Iraq and further divide the country the British created with artificial boundaries. The 2003 intervention was to overthrow Saddam Hussein but Western forces continue to remain in Iraq.

·        Illegal drone attacks – Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan etc

·        2011 Libyan intervention openly arming mercenaries and then projecting them as Libyan rebels. Killing a leader – Gaddafi and destroying the most developed nation in Africa.

·        All of the Islamic terrorist groups created by the West –

·        Illegal intervention in Syria 2014 – bombing a country, creating exodus of civilians fleeing to save their lives, unwelcome and hostility by neighboring nations they are fleeing to, refugees subject to insults, conversions and denial of basic amenities on account that they were fleeing because Western nations were bombing their country.

·        James Lucas writing to the GlobalResearch says the US has killed more than 20million people in 37 victim countries since 1945.

·        None of these covert/overt military interventions most of which are illegal, including arming training and supporting armed militant groups have never had a resolution against them or calls for any Tribunals/Commission of Inquires. The political, trade, and other powers exerted over UN members ensures that no non-Western state can dare bring any resolutions against West for their criminalities & illegalities.

·        Since setting up ICC (International Criminal Court though US does not even recognize ICC) in 2002 barring Tribunal against Yugoslavia all of the investigations have been against African nations. The discrepancies were many – ICC dropped case against Kenyan President Kenyatta citing no case, Chief Prosecutor was accused of withholding information on Lubanga of Congo. The Tribunal on Yugoslavia cost $2b which now says Milosevic did not commit war crimes though he is now dead. The Rwanda Tribunal in 1994 did not even take up the foreign involvement in the genocide. The Cambodia Tribunal in 2006 was another bogus hybrid court spent 8 years and $200m to indict 5 people with only 1 getting convicted. UN’s complicity was omitted from investigation with Khmer Rouge’s representatives occupying Cambodia’s seat at the UN! US pressuring World Food Program to hand $12m in food to Khmer Rouge was also not investigated neither was British training of ‘resistance’ groups. Special Court for Sierra Leone in 2002 displayed hypocrisy with judges subject to US influence. Special Court for Lebanon in 2009 – all of the judges came from countries that banned Hezbollah as terrorists raising question of impartiality. Court for East Timor was also full of bias. These hybrid tribunals omit crimes committed before establishment of ICC and conveniently erases accountability by West for involvement in ruining these countries.  

As can be clearly seen white racism, western exceptionalism, UN hypocrisy & double standards are impediments for peace. You cannot have a group of nations imposing their will politically, economically/financially and through trade, militarily, socially and even culturally deeming that the entire world must conform to their ideologies and their imperialist motives.

·        US Military has bases in 63 countries with 325,000 US military personnel deployed worldwide. US is thought to own a total of 737 bases in foreign lands. There are 116,000 US military personnel including 75,603 who are stationed in Germany as a result of Status of Forces Agreement

 The UN Charter has become a joke and a farce. One law for one lot and no law for a handful. The farce is such that it is the nations that are breaking every law that are preaching to the rest of the world to uphold human rights and preaching morality, good ethics and good governance and UN sits silent as these very nations interfere and poke their noses into the internal affairs and governance of sovereign nations.

 This hypocrisy must end. A handful of white supremacist nations who are keeping their own people fooled in controlling the news & media they own are the root cause of the chaos that is engulfing the world. To make matters worse they have created a bunch of native accolades who are now being perched across global positions just to project the notion that equality prevails and non-whites are holding world portfolios. In reality these are nothing but westernized stooges slobbering over their white masters and ever ready to read off speeches prepared for them. Take a look at all the non-white representatives holding global positions and now being sent as foreign envoys and representatives to see the truth in this. Do they ever say a word on the crimes and injustices committed against their birth nations?

Therefore it is definitely time for the yellow man, brown man and the black man to create its own international court and create the international legal framework to take up all crimes committed by the Anglo-Europeans starting out with colonial crimes to the current wave of military interventions and bombings taking place resulting in a mass exodus of fleeing refugees and the destruction of nations for no reason.

 §  A separate court must also take up the Islamization of lands and territories forcibly taken over by Islamic rulers who also followed the same philosophy of invading, plunder, murder & conversion of non-Islamic people. Both Western Christianity and Islamic conquests used the sword in one hand and the Bible and Quran in the other to forcibly acquire land. That quest to Islamize/Christianize the world remains in progress still – the sword has been replaced with varying modern methods that camouflage this same objective. Accountability, apology and reparation from the Muslim world is also required.

 Russia and China need to take lead of this initiative to set up a real victim’s international court. Ideally India should also be party and play a lead role but unfortunately Indian leaders & Indians in prominent international roles have shown no desire to be the mouthpiece for historical victims but have opted to go behind and pay lipservice to the very nations that are out to eventually balkanize India as was done to Yugoslavia and Soviet Union. Sadly Japan who showed guts and challenged the white race has meekly joined India in become subservient to the West though patriotic Indians and Japanese desire to play no such role – their voices are drowned by a very biased lackey press owned and controlled by the West.

 Shenali D Waduge


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