Is Sri Lanka a sovereign state or turning into a neo-colonial one?

We should celebrate independence only if we function as an independent nation. There is little point throwing tamashas to celebrate independence if we are taking orders from foreign nations or running … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka cannot be victim of Multicultural Experiments:

The countries that will not change their national anthem are telling Sri Lanka to change theirs!  Our mistake has always been to be in a hurry to copy and adopt … Continue reading

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British crimes against Tamil indentured laborers (coolies)

Winston Churchill said “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion” and that they were ‘breeding like rabbits’ so what did the British do, they transported … Continue reading

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Did Tamil language have official status under British rule?

There is much ado about Sinhalese denying the status for Tamil post-independence. The better question is,did Tamil language have any official status from 1832 to 1948 to warrant a grievance? … Continue reading

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7 years after LTTE defeat: UNHRC/OHCHR still desperately seeking war crimes evidence against Sri Lanka…or

US President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Heads of the US Armed Forces actually watched live while US Navy Seals killed enemy Osama bin Laden. The entire world lit crackers … Continue reading

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At Sri Lanka’s Independence: Revisiting the crimes and communal disharmony created by the British

The British ruled parts of Sri Lanka from 1796 and the whole of Sri Lanka from 1815 to 1948. Sri Lanka marks 4 February 1948 as its day of Independence. … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka’s sovereignty for sale & at stake

Sri Lanka is facing a very critical juncture of its history. Apart from a handful, the nation appears euthanized and incapable to understand that the nation is nearing the precipice … Continue reading

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