Condolences to the People of Paris

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Jeanne Jayasinghe

People of Paris, France, our hearts are with you, because it is only the people of Sri Lanka who can really understand and empathise with what you are going through at this terrible time.

You have experienced this once, we experienced attacks like this for over thirty long years. During this period, we could not be certain that we would see another day, every day was lived as though it was our last day on earth. When we set off to work in the morning we could never be certain of returning home to our families at the end of the day. We never knew when and where the next bomb would be set off, when the next attack on public transport like buses or trains would happen. Even people at worship were not safe. So, we the people of Sri Lanka, know what you are undergoing, the fear in your hearts, the terrible thirst for revenge and the helplessness that we cannot fight an unseen enemy.

In May 2009 when the Sri Lankan armed forces were poised on victory over these terrorists, the foreign ministers of France and Britain, Bernard Kouchner and David Milliband, arrived post haste in Sri Lanka to order the then President, Mahinda Rajapakse to stop the fighting. Their plan was to spirit away the LTTE leaders to safety on a ship provided by Robert O. Blake Jr who had just been appointed the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia at that time after having served as the Ambassador to Sri Lanka from 2006 to 2009.

Had the then President of Sri Lanka cowed down to these demands and stopped the war, we would still be suffering the scourge of terrorism.

You have to blame your leaders and the leaders of the USA, UK, EU, India and the UN for what happened to you this day.

They never took any steps to curb the LTTE by talking to the leaders of the propaganda war living in the US, UK, France, EU and Canada to order the LTTE to stop their fire.

They did not care about the over 300,000 people being used as a human shield by the LTTE. They did not care that the LTTE cadres had infiltrated the no fire zones meant as shelters for the civilians, bringing in heavy weaponry with which they continued to fire at the forces, thus making them war zones. They did not care that the LTTE was turning areas in and around hospitals into war zones by setting up their weapons in these places.

Leaders of these countries ignored the fact that the armed forces were using minimal force in those last hours of the battle. Had the armed forces used maximum force the battle would have been over long before the 18th of May.

If they had helped the Sri Lankan government to put down the LTTE terrorism that plagued us for thirty years, as soon as it began, this terrible tragedy would not have occurred. Because the western leaders like the politicians and the media helped the LTTE in the 1980s and 1990s, allowed them to set up head quarters in France, UK, the US and Canada and allowed them to spread their propaganda lies to the rest of the world from these countries. The media gave them publicity and called them rebels and freedom fighters instead of terrorists. They were made out to be martyrs instead of the vicious killers they really were.

Your governments even provided finances to the LTTE in the form of grants and they became the richest terrorist group in the world.

The LTTE made even more money by selling their knowledge, tactics and methods to other terror groups like the al Qaeda and the Taliban who in time evolved into the ISIS. The methods used in bombing Paris are similar to those used by the LTTE. It was not mere copy cat methods. The suicide vest was innovated and perfected by the LTTE and the use of suicide cadres was also perfected by the LTTE. Besides terrorism experts, studying the emerging terrorist Islamic terrorist groups, had seen LTTE cadres training the fledgling Islamic groups. This was known but nothing was done to stop it and the result was the Paris Bomb, the London bomb and the New York twin tower attack.

Now your governments are trying their level best to charge the officers in the armed forces and our leaders who did not stop the war, with war crimes and crimes against humanity, based again on lies being spread by the LTTE propaganda machine still living amongst you in Europe, the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Norway.

People of Paris, France, you have faced a terrible tragedy – but your government will make sure it does not drag on for over thirty years. Right at this very moment, your armed forces are bombing Syria – including hospitals and residential areas with a rising civilian toll with the active encouragement of all other governments (US, UK, Canada, EU) and the UN.

Yet, unfortunately for Sri Lanka, at this very moment, your government is complicit in trying to foist the scourge of terrorism back on Sri Lankans by the actions they are taking at the UNHCR and the UN.

Condolences to the People of Paris


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