Why Kalu Sudda’s let the real Sudda’s Viceroy Rule Sri Lanka

TH10_RANIL__G71_TH_2274393e Regime change implies installing boot lickers agreeable and willing to turning Sri Lanka into a virtual Philippines en route to South Korea with the change of the Sri Lankan Constitution earmarked to remove the prominent place given to the Sinhala Buddhists who built Sri Lanka. Denationalizing the people and creating virtual slaves of the West is what will be orchestrated through education and other social media through the NGOs who will have a prominent place. The colonial mission has become more or less complete. The question is do we need to have a de facto government with puppet local leaders when all administration, policies and decisions are being drafted and sent from the department of Suddas abroad? Why not the US, UK and EU name the viceroy to function as the de jure head of puppet-state Sri Lanka so that the public can directly go to this Viceroy for complaints and answers. It saves everyone a lot of time! Without doing things from the back let the suddas come out in the open!

 We the public do not wish to now waste our time going to the local kalu suddas knowing that he/she will end up firing a call or sending an email to foreign missions to ask them the response they should give to us. Its too time consuming for us the public, so instead the fellow citizens of Sri Lanka have no other option but to bow our heads down to returning to colonial rule because obviously the local leaders whom we thought would defend the nation and the armed forces are far more interested in defending themselves and their lifestyles. If that is the case, so be it and since the sudda’s are now promising to deliver accountability, transparency and all the love dovey words they can think of we would like them to

  • Take action against the corruption of politicians
  • Take action against the law breakers in the corporate sector
  • Take action against those that violate the rule of law
  • Take action against the suddas themselves who do not practice what they preach.
  • Take action against the real terrorists – LTTE & LTTE Diaspora who funded the LTTE
  • Take action against India for starting armed militancy

     If the West is promising rule of law we need to see it practiced by those claiming to be the representatives of the suddas. If that is not happening it is best that the sudda’s themselves take over and show us by practicing what they preach. However, if it is likely to be like the Kunduz bombing in Afghanistan by the US now changing version every hour or the $1.3m bribe taken by the ex-UN General Assembly President and the illegalities taking place in the UN manipulating the immunities with impunity makes us wonder whether there is no difference in jumping from the frying pan to the fire as both are the same!

 We the people of Sri Lanka will get what we deserve!!!

 Shenali D Waduge


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