India voted in favour of a Russia-proposed resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazi ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes. The resolution that was also supported by also supported by Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and China, was passed by the United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee.

115 countries supported the resolution, including Iran and Israel, while 55 countries, including members of the European Union abstained. The United States, Canada and Ukraine voted against the resolution.

Russia was looking to raise concern over the rise of racist and hate crimes around the world and the influence that parties with extremist agendas are gaining in many parts of the world.  The resolution called for a universal adoption of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

The resolution also decried attempts to whitewash Nazi collaborators by depicting them as fighters of nationalist resistance movements and honoring them as such.

Russia expressed regret that the resolution could not be adopted unanimously.

“The fact that the US, Canada and Ukraine voted against, while delegations from EU member states abstained in the vote on this draft resolution, which was supported by an overwhelming majority of the UN member states, is extremely regrettable,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Ukraine’s position is particularly dispiriting and alarming. One can hardly understand how a country, the people of which suffered their full share of the horrors of Nazism and contributed significantly to our common victory against it, can vote against a resolution condemning its glorification,” the ministry said.

Kiev’s representative at the session, Andrey Tsymbalyuk, said that while Ukraine did condemn Nazism and neo-Nazism, it could not endorse the Russian resolution, because it suffered not only from Nazism, but also from Stalinism in the past.

“As long as Stalinism and neo-Stalinism are not condemned as strongly as Nazism, neo-Nazism and other forms of hatred, Ukraine would not be able to back this document,” the diplomat said.

Like Ukraine, where hate groups like the Right Sector have gained popularity in the recent past, the US is also witnessing an increase in inter-race strife. The city of Fergusson, Missouri is awaiting a jury’s decision on the trial of Darren Wilson, a white police officer who killed unarmed black 18-year-old Michael Brown after a confrontation in the middle of a street.  The shooting led to riots and looting, and a tough police response. According to local media reports, the town has been infiltrated with Ku Klux Klan members, who have well-established with neo-Nazi groups in America.

Information from articles published by TASS and was used in this report.