Navi Pillai the head of the UN Human Rights Council is a busy lady. 

Navi PillaiShe has so many human rights violations to deal with. YET, what happens when she is selective about the cases she deals with? 

We would like to know what YOU as members of the UNHRC sitting for sessions, spending tax payers money to travel to Geneva propose to do without demanding why Navi Pillai DOES NOT take any action against the cases of RAPES by US military …. we find that very odd…
She goes after the Sri Lankan military with 18 cases of rape in 5 years as against 504 rapes of Tamils upon Tamils but she is totally silent on the US raping its own military personnel and US soldiers raping and killing women and children in the nations it has illegally invaded and occupy.Don’t you find that odd… Don’t you find that selective…. Don’t you find that biased…. otherwise with the scale of crimes the US committed and is committing… as UNHRC member states are you not bothered to force Navi Pillai to stop being an imperial tool? 

Documentary unveils rape in US military with testimonials (Rap in the US Military) “Invisible War

Mass rape by US soldiers on Iraqi / Afghan women and children

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