Does the UN know what it is asking for?

Maya Anthony   

They will not get a guinea pig – but the whole cohort of individuals, agencies, organisations, and international countries that have Intentionally and Knowingly supported the Tamil tigers to conduct war crimes in Sri Lanka. 

  • Brutal massacre of civilians
  • Ethnically cleansing the northern and eastern regions of Sinhalese and Muslims to create a mono-ethnic state (that has over 264 Buddhist heritage sites)
  • Deliberate attack on civilian hostages by giving the coordinates to their artillery handlers and clarifying coordinates and insisting on order to shell – deceiving the civilians stating that the shells came from government security forces.
  • Deliberate orders to shoot the civilians being rescued within a declared war zone
  • Use of suicide bombers during the rescue mission to deter civilians
  • Use of poison gas on an air force base (one recorded incident)
  • Use of IEDs that were poisoned causing severe injury to soldiers, use of specific metal from gun barrels to penetrate bullet proof vehicles!
  • Use of shaven bullets in warfare that ripped the soldiers flesh
  • Use of metal slatted hooks in ditch cum bunds to entrap soldiers
  • Miraculous disappearance of hundreds of soldiers captured throughout the 28 years
  • Documented torture and assassination of all Sri Lanka’s military personnel in the Tamil tiger jails.
  • Prioritising safety, security, nutritional and medical needs of the Tamil tiger leader’s 4 dalmations and terrorist leadership over that of the civilian children, elderly, women and men held hostage.  

All individuals, groups, NGOs, INGOs and countries that supported the war crimes by the Tamil tigers for 28years.

Whom will the UN get for war crimes:

  • It will bring back all Rehabilitated and Reintegrated beneficiaries back to the dock to be made accountable for crimes. 
  • It will get the US Tamil tiger prime minister Rudrakumaran, attorney. Fr SJ Emmanuel the leader of the British Tamil tiger faction, Nediyawan the leader Tamil tiger criminal faction and LTTE cadre, Vinayagamoorthi Europe’s Tamil tiger faction leader and LTTE cadre. 
  • It will bring to the dock Adele Balasingham, Australian born British woman that set up the womens wing and garlands women and children with the cyanide capsule at their graduation into terrorist hood!
  • It will bring the TNA appointed by the brutal head of the Tamil tiger terrorist group to the dock to take responsibility for condoning massacres.
  • It will bring all political groups – current opposition UNP and the newly formed Tamil groups
  • It will bring the Tamil diaspora funders to the dock to declare their funding of a terrorist group that helped to conduct genocide of Sinhalese and Muslim villages for 28 years
  • It will bring all local and international agencies to the dock to be accountable for material and non material support for a terrorist group that conducted indiscriminate civilian attacks. Including the UN agencies that worked in the region, ICRC that ferried terrorists when they had injured civilians to ferry in their ships, the Care International vehicle that carried the suicide bomb to assassinate the Secretary of Defence, to be accountable for their Staff engaged by the Tamil tiger terrorists for their activities instead of diverting responsibility for helping the terror machine to function.  
  • It will bring to its knees all the agencies and nations and diaspora that overtly and covertly funded and supported the Hostage taking of 300,000 civilians that resulted in the deaths of approximately 7000 statistically proven (UN stats and Sri Lanka Stats) number of Terrorists and Civilians and unidentifiable bodies/ missing.  
  • It will bring western governments to the dock and call for transparency for material and non material support for a terrorist group. For harbouring terrorists within their countries. For overt and covert support and funding of terrorist groups. Namely Norway, Britain, Europe and Canada – that helped to massacre vulnerable border villages, caused genocide and terrorist activity in the Island Nation of Sri Lanka. 

Yes, only the US government and Sri Lanka’s current government that did not deliberately support terrorists in Sri Lanka to conduct war crimes and did not deliberately support targeting civilians.

What has Sri Lanka’s government delivered to its people?

  • Sri Lanka’s current government is the only government in the history of terrorism that Did Not fund or negotiate hidden deals with terrorists
  • Gave terrorists a chance at peace negotiation but not to be manipulated
  • Had a back bone to say “No” to international agencies that played the terrorists and played the Sri Lankan governments and deceived her people for years
  • Said “No” to powerful agencies that made money on playing terror games in someone else’s country.
  • Never compromised the safety and security of this country for petty politics
  • Concerted ongoing clamp down of narcotics
  • Upgraded the standard of the state sector
  • Open police stations – no walls
  • Enforced traffic safety regulations – seat belts, headlights on motor cycles / helmets, traffic laws, abolished spot fines
  • Did not make false promises and will not even for the sake of diplomacy.
  • Will standby what they say
  • Will stand by the war fighters that committed their lives to fight against terrorism
  • Sri Lanka’s president promised rehabilitation to terrorists and delivered
  • Gave land to all displaced and rehabilitated individuals (while in the rest of the country one has to “earn” and “buy” land. Developed the terrorism affected regions and continues to do so.
  • Encourages over 100 genuine reconciliation programs island wide while conducting the state reconciliation and education programs.  

While the Tamil diaspora bandies its figures of Harrison and Weiss – they are walking on thin ice. The western governments in search of vote blocks and large funds for campaigns do not know whom they have partnered in their greed for power.

The wheels of justice in Sri Lanka will grind but it grinds very slowly.

They know not what they ask for – In their quest for a pound of flesh.

February 2014


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