UN Navi Pillay – meets with those that venerate the terrorist agenda

She has met with the families of terrorists and NOT with the soaring number of civilian victims of terrorism!

She has not met with the hundreds widowed by ltte brutality

She has not met with the thousands maimed at the hands of the ltte for 30 years

She has not met with the families of 5000 missing service personnel


She has given her precious time to the Ananthi working for an ltte proxy party (the TNA that is dipping into terrorist diaspora funds).

Navaneethan Pillai meets the woman whose husband Ellian recruited children

 Ellian headed the child conscription and the enforced conscription of children

No more can the UN say that it stands against child conscription into terrorism!

Navaneethan Pillai’s visit helps to highlight her inability to do her job impartially!



TNA Candidate’s Husband a War Criminal


Naming and shaming Ananthi

The audacity of TNA candidate ANANTHI  SASITHARAN who tries to speak on behalf of women and children?

“Her husband was the man who recruited thousands of youths and children to the LTTE forcefully. Now there are lot’s families that do not know what happen to their children recruited to LTTE by forcibly” the words of a man who knew them well but shocked at her dramatization of grief a the loss of her husband who stole the childhood the youth and the lives of so many. And she weeps for him – and no shame in aiding and abetting her husband’s crimes.


 Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance (TNA) female candidate, Ananthi Sasitharan, said she decided to contest the polls at the upcoming elections in the Northern Province, to find redress for the thousands of women and children who had been affected by the nearly three decades long war.

Ananthi Sasitharan, wife of the former Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Trincomalee District political wing leader, Elilan, articulated her decision, addressing the media, soon after she filed her nomination papers to contest for the Northern Provincial Council, along with the other Jaffna District candidates. Ananthi is one of the three women candidates representing the TNA in the district.


Ellian alias Sasitharan  

  • Ellian worked for the Tamil tiger terrorist group’s political wing.
  • He worked as the head of the Vavunia political unit in 2003/2004.
  • He was the Tamil tiger terrorist political leader in Trincomalee district in 2004 to end of 2006. When the terrorist stronghold was captured, he then went to Trincomalee.
  • When the Sri Lanka Army liberated Trincomalee from the grip of the Tamil tiger terrorists at the end of 2006, Ellian came to Vanni.
  • When the terrorist “Tamilchelvam” was killed by Sri Lanka Air Force precision attack in 2007 November, the head of the Tamil tiger police “Nadesan” was appointed as Political leader. When “Illango”, working as the leader of policy progressing unit (kolgai mun etoppu pirivu) was appointed to head the Tamil tiger terrorist police unit, Ellian took his post as the leader of Policy Progressing unit

Activities of Policy Progressing unit was to disseminated terrorist recruitment material to the community and the public at large – perverting the thinking of the youth.

  • Running book shops, ARIVAMATHU BOOK SHOP
  •  Music groups to motivate hatred
  • Street drama groups to radicalize the public and recruit candidates to the terrorist group
  • Recruiting cadres directly from the community
  • Anbu Base was used for recruited terrorist cadres for a transition period. This camp was situated in Wattakachchi, Kilinochchi

When Ellilan was working in this “Policy Progress Unit, as the head, this unit recruited members of the community by for into the LTTE. It was during Ellilan’s  period that the brutal enforced recruitments commenced.  


Ellian’s wife – Anandi worked at the Kilinochchi GA office until end of the war against the Tamil tiger terrorists. She worked in this office during the time that the GA office vehicles were used by the Tamil tigers to ferry explosives.

Currently Anandi is a candidate of TNA election 2013 in Northern provincial council election.

She is keen to meet Navaneethan Pillay to say that her husband (a Tamil tiger terrorist responsible for the enforced conscription of children is no more).

Navaneethan Pillay of the UN should know that enforced conscription of children is a crime against humanity. We doubt if she would bother to find out that representation is made by a woman that fully endorsed her husbands’ practices in child recruitment. What lies you will have to tell your children someday?

To Navaneethan Pillai, there will be no mention of her husband’s terrorist activities and the war crimes committed against children and their families. There is no mention of the fact that he sent children to their death. That he snatched away the lives of innocent children from their parents.

The hypocrisy is that Anandi now goes around saying how important the lives of children are – when she endorsed the use of children within a terrorist group AND the forced conscription of children into a terrorist group. She endorsed the destruction of the lives of several hundreds of children of her own community.

How low will Anandi stoop? How low do the TNA stoop? They will sacrifice kith and kin, with no impunity.

Is it not time for the Tamil community to ask Anandi whether it is easy for her to stand by her husband has he sacrifice other people’s children?

There are many births to pay for your sins, the deception, the pretense and the lies!








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